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With around 1.2bn live websites out there, how do you stand out from the crowd? And with the top 10 websites dominated by giants like the BBC, Amazon and Facebook, how can you hope to compete for people’s attention?

The answer lies in Digital Marketing. If you have a product or service that meets your needs you can tell people about it in some effective and low-cost ways which will pull in the visitors and sales you need to succeed. And good news – Search Engines like Google, and Facebook, are getting better at finding and showing the things your customers are after.

At Ash Hill Marketing, we use a range of techniques to support you to get your message in front of the people you need. They aren’t complicated, or expensive, but they will get results.

We’ll have a look at Text Messaging, Email and Chat, as they work well for small businesses.
If your business wants to try something different please give us a call.

Digital Marketing Plans from Ash Hill Marketing

  • Facebook Pages Link your Facebook Page to your website
  • PPC Advertising Advertise on Facebook, Google Adwords and more
  • Email Templates Making your emails attractives makes them more likely to be read
  • Text Messaging Communicate directly with your customers

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Text Messaging

Text messaging is the Small Business Owner’s best friend, as it’s one of the most effective marketing tools there is.
Everyone owns a mobile phone, and with message open rates above 80% you get a perfect opportunity to speak directly to your customer. All you need to do is ask for the number when they visit!
Buying in bulk means that you can pay less than 2p per message, and the cost falls with the more you send.
We can show you how to connect with your customer list, whether its on a database or not – so you can personalise your message to the person receiving it with their name and more.

Why would I use Text Messaging?

Like emails, text messages can be triggered by events on your website like new products or certain user actions.
Other great uses include appointment reminders, and up-to-date or urgent messages like delivery time changes.

Two-way Messaging

Text messaging doesn’t have to be one way. It’s a great communication channel, but with dedicated numbers and short codes (“Text 75000 for more information”) mean you can get call back lists, information requests and even run competitions.
If you have any-sized contact list which you want to contact directly, text messaging is a great option.

Email Message campaigns

Email marketing is another tool which Small Businesses can use to reach their customers effectively.
And when we say effectively, how does £40 return on £1 investment sound (DMA, 2011)?
Whilst it’s possible to create text only messages, you are much more likely to get good results if you use your business colours and images.
Once again, your customers will be familiar with passing over their email address, but you must be clear about how you plan to use that information.

It’s got your name on it

The secret to success with email lies in getting people to open the message.
That means avoiding being pushed into the Junk folder, arriving when people are likely to read it, and having headings and content which people are likely to be interested in.

Hooking this up to a customer list means you can include their name, and having access to past purchases means you can only send emails to the people who might be interested.

Design for Email

Although platforms like Gmail and Hotmail dominate, your email could be read on literally dozens of types of device. This means that designing your email could be a challenge, especially if you aren’t that tech savvy.

That’s why we’re creating several templates to get customers started, and we’ll be sharing those over the coming months.

Chat Bots

If you’ve not heard the buzz around chatbots lately – well, this section isn’t for you! Although they aren’t really a new thing, they have become easier to set up lately. More importantly, being able to pull in Machine Learning means they can respond in increasingly useful ways.

This isn’t technology which is limited to big business – Small Business owners can use this to cut down the number of distracting phone calls, and they can help users have a positive experience on your site.