How much will your website cost?

How much would a website design from Ash Hill Marketing cost?

Web Design and Development

The first thing many people want to know when looking a new website is: How much will it cost? This page will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. Our prices are often low than the large agencies, as we work on a freelance basis.

Each project Ash Hill Marketing works on has unique elements, so you'll get an exact bespoke price once you have agreed what the project will involve.

Our Price Calculator makes Ash Hill Marketing and its prices transparent, so you should not get any nasty surprises when your project is finished.

Please note Occasionally we may need to contact you to discuss the quote. We keep you in charge nd in the driving seat, so you know what you are getting fopr your money.

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Project Details

What's your project called?

Setup includes hosting, domain name and email

Your Project's Pages

Choose from Simple, Ecommerce or Blog

You'll need a section for each of your business areas. For example, a hairdresser might have a page each for Weddings and Proms, Mobile Appointments and Special Offers. Project Pages are £75 each.

Enter the service areas or a brief project description here. You can always revisit this later.

Other Pages

Some other popular options you may need.

A Contact Form allows your customers to contact you by sending a message.

Allowing your customers to book appointments (if appropriate to your business) saves you time and allows them to stay in control.

Joining the fastest growing sales channel? You'll need the Ecommerce Homepage above, and at least one product page template.

Normally you'll need one page per type of product. How many types of product will you want to sell?

Category Pages help your customer navigate between products. Having one per range or group structures your website. How many would you need?

We'd love to follow up your quote. Sometimes we can offer certain combinations at a discount, as well as seasonal special offers.
Your data is safe - we don't sell it on, and won't pester you!

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