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Web Design and Development

Are you thinking of taking the plunge and having your own website?
It’s a great idea, and often is the best way for customers to reach you. With 4 million people online in Yorkshire, that could be a key channel to showcase your products and services in return.

Not only that, you’d be getting ahead of the crowd – only about half of small businesses even have a website!

Having your own site means you get to tell everyone about you and your business in a way which suits you.

  • No restriction on content: as much text as you want and as many images
  • Arrange your products in the way you’d like.
  • Set your own prices, delivery charges and even promotions.
  • Look like you’re a professional.
  • Reach everyone who is looking for your products – not just family & friends etc.

How Ash Hill Marketing can help you get online

At Ash Hill Marketing, we can help you with:

  • Cutting through jargon
  • Arrange your products in the way you’d like.
  • Navigating through the choices
  • Planning a design
  • Putting it into practice

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Busted: Myths of getting online

Online is really complicated!

Not really. Once we have your objectives, we'll do all the complex stuff like coding.
We’ll keep checking in, and keep you up to date.

We aim to launch our sites within #twoweeksorless so you could be online within a fortnight.

I’ll stick with Facebook

Facebook has 31 million UK users so we recommend you use a website and Facebook - but for different things.
Sticking with Facebook only would mean you competing with all the other brands on Facebook, so it make sense to have your own space.

I’m not ready to make the commitment

We’ll try our best to launch your site with the best look and content, so you get the best return as soon as possible.

With online sales being the fastest growing sales channel, waiting around just hands your sales to your competitors!